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What is The New Humanity?

    The mission of this web site is to bring focus to the events and discoveries that reveal the emergence of The New Humanity. The New Humanity is a new awareness of how integrated each individual is with the rest of humanity and the environment. The essence of The New Humanity is a philosophy that brings rejuvenation and unity to our cultural, social and spiritual life.

• The New Humanity is a merging of our spiritual and scientific understanding of the world.

• The New Humanity is an acceptance of mysticism as vision of reality that is both spiritual and intellectual.

• The New Humanity is a realization that eliminates greed, conflict and competition as the dominant urges in society.

• The New Humanity is one of personal service dedicated to the betterment of the world.

    The time of these great changes in humanity have begun in force. The New Humanity is a tidal wave of unimaginable magnitude that is surging through every aspect of our world, but it is unlike anything in recorded history and is often difficult to see from within the microcosm of our daily life.

     There are no secrets or special knowledge involved with being part of the New Humanity. All that is required is an open mind and the curiosity to look for spiritual direction in your everyday life. It is not easy. It may even seem impossible at first, but once begun the Grace you find will transform you. Most importantly, within the next few hundred years The New Humanity will fully saturate and transform humankind: spiritually, intellectually and genetically

     To be part of the New Humanity, embrace the Love of God and live by it.

• Free yourself of the grip of ego and selfish considerations.

• Make an effort to discover the Love of God within your religion and church.

• Practice your religion to bring your focus to the Truth while building strength in your Faith.

• Serve regularly through your church or community.

• Be honest and loving in all that you do.

• Take responsibility for yourself, and be generously fair to others.

• Aggressively dismantle your own self righteousness.

• Trust and believe in the humanity within yourself and others.

• Pray for guidance and assistance when faced with conflicts and fear.

• Forgive yourself and others, then move forward and never stop trying your best.

• Persevere to love those you cannot love.

• Have faith in God and be willing to receive God’s Grace.

• Above all, be of the world and be an obedient servant of God in whatever life you lead.

    While this site does not speicifically promote Sufism or have any direct Sufi affiliation, many of the concepts for The New Humanity are associated with various Sufi beliefs and the teachings of Meher Baba.

    "The New Humanity" is described in a chapter by that name in The Discourses  by Meher Baba.
This web site expands upon this explanation of The New Humanity by presenting on-topic articles about how the New Humanity is manifesting in the world around us.


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