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The Dream Religion

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David Berry, 2002
acrylic on canvas, 24" x 18"
Influenced by the art and architecture of Victor Vasnetsov (1848 - 1926)
Part of the Relgion Paintings Series.

    There should be a religion in which we can find our home; a place where we are embraced in communion and love. But, a religion is an aspect of a culture and society. Politics, ridged piety, posturing and petty whims often invade a community, suppressing the spirit of love that is the foundation. If it can exist, The Dream Religion has only one member in the church: the Spirit of God. Individual members surrender their ego to become one great embrace of faith.
    The perfect religion does not exist because if we all could see the God within each other and could love one another unquestionably, there would be no need for religion as the institute that promotes the moral and ethical values of a society. At some point in our lives we realize that life is not fair, bad things happen to good people, no one lives happily ever after forever and that storybook love does not conquer all. In that realization, The Dream Religion fades as well.
    We live in a community, and we share our spiritual life with others in some manner of religion, even if the ritual and dogma is not equally practiced. The love and faith that is at the center of any society (no matter how disfunctional) is what is true and what keeps societies together. The Dream Religion is an undercurrent, sometimes hidden and suffering, but always there.

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