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The Blind Can See

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David Berry, 2002
Acrylic, sand, rain and pocket stuff on canvas, 80" x 56"
The Blind Can See is a tribute to Phyllis and Lyn Ott

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Detail of Baba

Upper Left Detail

Mid Left Detail

Mid Bottom Detail

Mid Right Detail

    If not for the influence of Phyllis, I would have never painted any pictures of Meher Baba. Through stories and writing Phyllis provides, I am also under the influence of her late husband, Lyn Ott. Prior to my visit in June of 2002, I had not completed a painting for over two years and was trying to decide if painting belonged in my life at all. Now, it seems to me as if the last ten years of my life have come to focus in this exhibition. The entire show is a tribute to Phyllis, Lyn and the many who have been there along the way, including strangers, friends and angels. If I have met you at The Center, you are most certainly included.
    I have long understood what it means to be an artist, but I did not know what it feels like to be an artist. This may not seem all that important, but an artist that does not create because of feeling is only a craftsman. Feeling or fervor drives an artist to create beyond regard to the proper way to do things or to satisfy some convention. An artistsí artist is then someone who lives a life that centers around fervor, often at some personal expense and through their vision provides the fuel for those that are less than masters to grow. This awareness is what Phyllis has given me.
    I had the chance to meet Lyn only one time. On one of my first visits to The Center around 1993 I came across a small group surrounding him on the porch of the Original Kitchen. At the time I did not know much about him, but I remember being impressed by his stories. I did not think of myself as a painter then, and there were other people to meet and other things to do that seemed more relevant to my life at the time. It was not until I later became friends with Phyllis that I got to know about Lyn through those who knew him and his writing.

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