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Artist's Statement

As I Should Be Loved
Astitva, The Meher Baba Collection, 2004
This collection of ten paintings is scheduled to hang at the Meher Spiritual Center's Meeting Place during the month of March 2004.

Astitva, which means “is-ness” or existence, describes the most basic and essential nature of God. The exhibit includes text and paintings that explore the fascets of Astitva. Love, desperation, ego and the relationship of between Mehera and Meher Baba all can be described as Astitva, and through an understanding of Astitva we may discover a closer personal relationship to God.

The on-line gallery is a guide to the exhibit at The Center. Explanations and stories provide an inspirational companion for the images.

The Blind Can See
The Meher Baba Collection, 2002
This collection of 15 Meher Baba paintings exhibted at the Meher Spiritual Center's Meeting Place during the month of November, 2002. This on-line gallery complements the exhibit at The Center, providing companion text and additional articles related to the paintings. The paintings cover a wide range of feelings and experiences related to my own spiritual journey in coming to appreciate and eventually embracing Meher Baba as my personal master.

This gallery is a tribute to everyone who has contributed to my journey, which includes everyone that I have encountered at The Center, some strangers and some angels. One special painting is a tribute to Phyllis Ott, who is the primary influence and inspiration for these paintings. The special tribute extends to Lyn Ott for providing inspiration through his paintings and writing.

Grace & Faith
Abstract Paintings
My approach to abstract painting is to capture essential elements of the natural world, both in the organic as well as spiritual form. In many ways the flower paintings are as much part of my abstract paintings as any other, and the rest have heavy influence from the natural forms found in microbiology, water, wood, minerals and crystals. Many paintings have been added in early 2004.

Great Blue Heron
Wildlife Paintings
My focus is on southern wetland birds and flowers, particularly orchids. Both subjects provide a flow of form that is almost abstract in itself and is one of the ways that I am developing my own style in abstract painting. This gallery has been updated in early 2004.

Ocean and Sailing Paintings
There are only a few paintings in the Ocean gallery, but I hope that soon changes. I have always been fascinated by the ocean and sailing. Sailing ships and boats as well as the ever changing mood and shape of the ocean are two subjects that I constantly return to.



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