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Artist's Statement

About Spiritual Painting

by David Berry

    Often spiritual paintings are simply uplifting paintings, but this is different than religious painting. While spirituality suggests a universal human experience, religious paintings are illustrations of stories. A religious painting has particular importance for those who know the mythology and theology behind the image. For those who do not have this prerequisite knowledge the painting may have little relevance. The most poignant moment of any story is often violent or dramatic, and an artist will attempt to employ many elements, which can make the painting confusing and crowded.
    My spiritual paintings are usually abstract paintings sometimes employing shapes that resemble crystals, flowers or the ocean. These paintings are executed with a great deal of freedom and evolve on the canvas from a simple thought into an image with multiple layers of complexity and pattern. I donít have to do anything but feel good about the painting, and the work stands on its own as a visual experience.
    In contrast my religious paintings are about people and events. The ideas behind them are as much a concept or a story as a composition. Esthetic competes with concept in a way that is extremely challenging and often very time consuming. A well-formed impression of the story to be told can be more important than the composition of the painting itself.

    About Faith

      Faith leads us in a particular direction, and art can be a compass to point the way.
About Spiritual Painting
      The source of art is a singular essence, and painting is a means of sharing spiritual vistas.
About Fluid Style
      My own style reflects the fragile and incomplete nature of our understanding of reality.
About Other Styles
      An artist develops style by exploring art of the past, and new art is judged by the legacy of what has gone before.
About Evocation
      At the very core the purpose of art is to evoke some inner feeling or memory.

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