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The Christ Test

Should the new Christ be my personal Savior?

    In all of the world’s religions, there is no figure quite like Jesus Christ. More than a prophet, The Christ is the actual embodiment of God. The personal relationship with God that is possible through Jesus Christ is very intimate, individual and empowering. Christianity offers a fine blend of the mysticism of inner exploration through a personal relationship with God and the creeds and rituals that sustain the external morals and ethics of society. Even so, for many the essence has become difficult to embrace through a briar of dogma, politics and prejudice that is found in every denomination.
    The personal accessibility of God through Jesus is hard to match -- unless Christ returns. What is important is that Grace and Love can be received through your personal Christ in a way that is honest, pure and transforming. For those who are not Christians or cannot find the personal relationship with God through one of history’s messiahs, Meher Baba is a new opportunity without the strings of organized religion -- the same opportunity that Jesus Christ offered to Jews as well as gentile believers.
    Sufism adds another dimension by allowing a student to learn how to surrender and be obedient to a spiritual Master. Once learned in practice, devotion and love are fully transferred from the Master to establish the individual's love of God and the opportunity for gnosis or God realization.

Meher Baba as The New Christ
    Meher Baba offers the potential of a tangible reality that cannot be as easily achieved by a ghostly messiah that has not physically walked on the earth for centuries. In a time when the greatest turmoil rocks the world, Meher Baba offers a contemporary message that it is all part of a great change for the better. A new Christ and a fresh message are not necessary for the salvation of everyone, but it is important for those who are part of the change and have a role in the creation of the new humanity. Even those who do not find a Savior in Meher Baba, if they strengthen their own faith and live by their true nature of their beliefs, they become a part in making what is to come. They are part of the Awakening.
    For those who open their hearts, God will offer salvation, hope and guidance. The difficulty is not in finding a savior; it is having the strength, love and devotion that will allow you to receive the Love and Grace of God.

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