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The Christ Test

Should the new Christ teach something new?

    For Christians The Bible is the Word of God. For Muslims’ the Quran is the foremost Word of God. For other religions there are other holy scriptures. There is so much that has been said about religion, spirituality and God that I cannot imagine that anything more needs to be said. What is missing is the acceptance of the Word and devotion to God.
    The world is crowded with philosophers and theologians, many who speak wisely and honestly. The intellectual thirst for knowledge is easily satisfied. What is missing is the love and service that should come with the knowledge. Because man is deaf to the Word of God it seems inevitable that The Christ will offer silence as a call for action. Meher Baba explains, “I have come not to teach but to awaken” (Purdom, The God-Man, 1971, p. 343).
    From 1925 until his death in 1969, Meher Baba did not speak or make any vocal sound. Except for a few years in the beginning, he also stopped writing and spent much of his life in seclusion. The shout of simple silence is genius. How can someone be a spiritual leader and amass a following if they are silent? How can any great religious movement begin by purposely not building a religious organization and never having a mission of indoctrination? To my thinking, it cannot - unless such a thing is divinely guided. Again, this does not prove Meher Baba is the Messiah, but the example Meher Baba provides in motivating people to service rather than focusing on doctrine may be all that is important.
    It seems far more important to me that we learn to live by the Word of God than to receive more of it. No revelation is of any value if it goes unnoticed. I believe that the new Christ must bring change, not a message.

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